Brown Electrical & Browns Aqua Systems

Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems offer specialized industrial electrical and water treatment solutions for a range of industrial clients. Our ability to work independently or as a combined force is a valuable asset, as it allows clients to have a single point of contact for both their electrical and water treatment needs. We have a reliable supply chain and expertise to offer comprehensive electrical and water treatment solutions for a diverse range of industrial clients.

Our team’s ability to customize solutions to each client’s specific requirements is a significant strength, as it ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that are designed to meet their unique needs. This approach also demonstrates a commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes that are results-driven and focused on meeting clients’ expectations. The fact that our services are geared towards serving clients in a range of sectors, including mining, oil and gas, power generation, local government, commercial agriculture, and manufacturing, further highlights the depth and breadth of our capabilities. This diverse experience positions Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems well to handle complex and varied projects, making it a reliable partner for industrial clients looking for solutions to their electrical and water treatment needs.

The Team

Team at Browns is integral to its success. A talented team that works well together and take pride in their work and aim to achieve impressive results for clients.

Team members are continually looking to improve their skills through formal courses and hands on experience. Team members are qualified and have extensive experience in the following areas:

• Electrical Fitter & Mechanic,
• Instrumentation,
• Hazardous Areas Classification & Design, EEHA Maintenance,
• PLC Programming (Allen Bradley/Schneider)

These skills have been utilized in various industries, Coal Mining, Oil & Gas Sector, Food manufacturing, Quarrying (Crushing Plants), Cotton Ginneries, Poultry, Hatcheries, Meat Processing facilities, Feedlots and Water Treatment Industry (Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-filtration, Clarifiers, UV sterilizers, Media Filtration, Chemical Dosing).

The team has a thorough understanding of plant process control methods utilizing SCADA, PLC’s, Wireless Communications, Human Machine Interface’s, instrumentation & analytical equipment to achieve quality control of any process.

What Is Important To Our Clients

Delivery of Projects to Their Specific Needs

Our team’s willingness to listen to each client’s specific needs and develop a customized solution tailored to their business. This approach helps
ensure that clients receive a solution that is specifically designed to meet their requirements, rather than a generic solution that may not be a
perfect fit.

Project Management

Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems have a well-established and reliable supply chain that spans nearly two decades. This demonstrates that our company has developed strong relationships with our suppliers and partners, which can be an important asset when it comes to project management.

Our supply chain covers a broad range of areas, including wholesale suppliers, engineering, switchboards, mechanical, civil works, and RPEQ. This range of capabilities suggests that our company is well-equipped to handle various aspects of project management, from the initial design stages to the final installation and commissioning.

Having a comprehensive supply chain like this ensures projects are completed efficiently and effectively, without any unnecessary delays or issues. It also allows our team to have greater control over the project management process, as we have a clear understanding of the resources and capabilities available to us.

High Quality Projects

We prioritize the delivery of high-quality project results. This attention to quality ensures that our clients receive solutions that meet their needs and
are built to a high standard.

We have established processes in place to ensure that all documentation, labelling, and training of clients’ personnel takes place. This level of attention to detail can be important in ensuring that clients are fully equipped to operate and maintain the electrical and water treatment solutions provided by our company.

Having a comprehensive approach to documentation and training ensures that there is clear communication between our team and our clients.
This can be critical in avoiding any misunderstandings and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Reliable Supply Chain

We have a reliable supply chain and are able to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients. This ensures projects are completed efficiently and effectively without any delays or unexpected interruptions.

Industrial Electrical and Water Treatment Solutions