Whether it is a new greenfield project, upgrading an existing site, or the ongoing service and maintenance of critical assets, Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems have the capability to provide a complete electrical and engineering solution. 

Our teams have the ability to be engaged independently for separate industrial electrical or water treatment specific tasks, or as a combined force to offer the convenience and efficiency of a being a complete electrical and mechanical  water industry solution, with all of the design and construction undertaken in house.  

Both Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems are proud to use local suppliers of both labour and materials where available in their projects.  It is our intention to use local products and supplies rather than outsource.  




Wellcamp Downs Quarry Switchboard Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Brown Electrical - Client: Boral (2018)

Scope: Replace 1x 2500amp ACB and 1x 2000amp MCCB in existing MCC 1

New NHP items were installed to replace existing aging circuit breakers in the quarries main crushing plant MCC. To retrofit the new circuit breakers, Brown Electrical fabricated and installed the appropriate bus bar, as well as the installation of ground fault detection equipment. After completing an Arcflach study on the MCC, Brown Electrical then installed remote switching of the Main ACB, to fufill site arc flash requirements.


As the holder of the maintenance contract for Boral in the region, Brown electrical regularly complete electrical and instrumentation maintenance and upgrade work on Boral crushing and asphalt plants .



Darwalla Hatchery - Allora.

Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems - Client: Darwalla Milling Co. (2017)

Scope: Design & construct of a 70 kl per day Desalination plant for potable water supply to Darwalla's new State of the art hatchery facility.

To meet the desired water requirements for the new hatchery facility, Browns Aqua systems designed a containerised Reverse Osmosis Water treatment plant. Fully enclosed within a shipping container, this method of delivery provides a cost effective alternative as opposed to building a designated shed to house the water treatment equipment. To address the site specific water characteristics, aeration and oxidisation (chlorine) processes, followed by DMl 65 filtration and carbon filtering were implemented to address Iron and Manganese in the water before the reverse osmosis process. A separate container was manufactured with a bund inbuilt to house the dosing chemicals and associated chemical dosing equipment. Brown electical used an Allen Bradley PLC/Redlion HMI combination and Burkett Analytical instruments to fully automate the plant, and allow the plant to be overlooked by the Hatcheries BMS system.



Cotton Bale Press Control System Upgrade

Brown Electrical - Client: Queensland Cotton (2016/2017)

Scope: Upgrade 3x Cotton Bale presses from existing relay logic to PLC and HMI control.

 Brown Electrical completed the control system upgrades with Downey Engineering to incorporate Siemens PLC's to replace extensive amounts of aging relay logic and redundant controllers on three separate bale presses at the QLD Cotton Cecil Plains and Emerald sites. The machines were converted to 24vDC control voltage, and re-comissioned to interface with existing bale handling and bale strapping machinery. In a process where reliability and efficent servicablity are of paramount importance, improved diagnostics and remote access to the control system PLC's, allow any downtime of the presses to be minimised, should an error occur in the system. 

Brown Electrical are a preferred supplier for QLD Cotton at Cecil Plains, delivering 24 hour breakdown support, maintenance, and electrical machinery and equipment upgrade where appropriate.



Acland Coal Mine

Brown Electrical - Client: New Hope Coal ( 2010 - Present)

Brown Electrical have held a working relationship with New Hope Coal's Acland operation for a peroid of time. Brown's assist in the periodic maintenance of the CHPP's and other site infastructure, complete upgrades and changes where required to the fixed plant, and carry out new installations wherever required. 



Miles Water Treatment Plant  - Western Downs Regional Council.

Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems - Client: Western Downs Regional Council (2011/2015)

Miles Water Treatment Plant Stage 1 works - 2011.

Upgrade to existing motor control incorporating SCADA / PLC to automate the existing water treatment plant. Installation of a fluoridation plant was completed at the same time by Browns Aqua Systems.  A key part of the project included upgrades to all pumps, valving to pneumatic actuators and installation of chemical dosing pumps and controls to plant MCC. The final part of the project involved an upgrade to the town reservoir pumps and suction lines and change out of old MCC to new MCC containing VSD’s for pump control.


Miles Water Treatment Plant Greenfeild works - 2014/2015.

Browns Aqua systems were engaged to design and construct a 480Kl per day Desalination Plant to supply the Miles township with potable water. As the principle contractor for the $3 million project, Browns Aqua systems constructed a new facility custom made to house the water treatment equipment, including a designated chemical dosing room, centrifuge process room, plant control room and switchboard room. Brown electrical designed and manufactured all electrical aspects including the MCC for the new plant.  


Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua systems were also responsible for the design and contruction of Dalby's Stage 3 Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant (2013/2014), Tara's Reversis Osmosis Desalination Plant (2014), and Jandowae's pre-filtration upgrade (2015)


As a prefered suppliler for the Western Downs Regional Council, Browns Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems provide ongoing support for small projects and maintenance to the regions water infastructure.



Moranbah North Coal Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Brown Electrical - Client:Orica Water Care (2010)

Scope: Design, construction and installation of electrical control systems for 2 M/day water treatment plant. Plant pumps, a chemical dosing system, ultra filtration, analytical equipment and instrumentation were also installed by Browns. 



Paeroe Water Treatment Plant (New Zealand)

Client: Wendouree Water Care (2008)

Scope: Project included the design, construction and installation of electrical control systems for a 500KI water treatment plant.  Plant pumps, a chemical dosing system, analytical equipment and instrumentation were also installed in the commissioning of the plant. The plant was remotely monitored with an IDEC PLC and web server. 



Braemar Power Station Run Off Water Monitoring System  

Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems - Client: Braemar Power (2012) 

Scope: The project was conducted in conjunction with Braemar Power staff and DERM.  The installation monitored the water runoff from the site utilising HACH instrumentation.  Incorporating Allen Bradley Hardware (1500 Micro Logix) and HMI, the system enables water to be transferred and treated in onsite collection tanks, prior to offsite transfer. 



Toowoomba Regional Council 

Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems - Client: Toowoomba Regional Council 

Scope: Brown Electrical and Browns Aqua Systems have on-going contracts to maintain Toowoomba Regional Councils sewerage pumping stations, water treatment plants and remote monitored bore sites. The businesses also undertake upgrades and maintain dosing stations for chlorine at water treatment plants and reservoirs. 


Brown Electrical have recently completed a switchboard upgrade project for the council, involving the upgrade of a number of fresh water and sewage pumping station switchboards within the region. All switchboard changeovers are managed in such a way that disruption to the critical services that the council provides are avoided. 



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