Industrial Electrical Projects

Reservoir Switchboard Upgrade

Scope of contract was for the design, supply, install, test, and commissioning of new switchboard and ancillary works for the installation of a newly installed reverse osmosis plant. Browns designed a switchboard and motor control as per clients specifications. Installation specification for electrical switchboard (up to 55kw) for the reservoir and water treatment plant accordingly. Browns was responsible for all communications and approvals.

High Lift Pump Station Upgrade (Pumps & Switchboard)

The scope of the contract was for the design of a new skid and manifold to support 5 new 30kW multistage pumps to replace 2 by 90kW centrifugal pumps. Installation of a new main switchboard and variable frequency drives, control system and telemetry system. Browns worked with the client to provide work methodology for a seamless transition to integrate the new switchboard, controls, drives and pump system to the existing online pump station without interruption to the network.

SPS Control Cubicle Replacement (Qty 14) Project – Design and Construct.

The scope for these was for the design, supply, install, test, and commissioning of new switchboards and ancillary works at 14 sewage pump stations. Browns designed switchboards as per clients specifications (Electrical Design and Installation Specification for electrical switchboard up to 55kw) for the sewage pumping stations accordingly. Browns submitted designs for the new plinth/ improvement of existing plinth with safe access to Switchboard to the Principal for approval. Browns was responsible for all communications and approvals.

High Service Pumps – Mechanical Installation

The existing high service pumps operated at a fixed speed and fixed flow rate to maintain water levels in the elevated service reservoir between user defined set points. The upgrade works included:

  • replacement of the fixed speed pumps with a new high service pump arrangement designed to provide constant pressure and flow to the network over a range of demand conditions. The new high service pumps will have variable speed drives to enable variable flow between nominated duty points to maintain either the water level in the elevated service reservoir or pressure control in the reticulation network on a user defined PID control set point,
  • provision of a diesel pump as a back-up to the high service pumps Browns undertook the mechanical scope of works and commissioned into the network without downtime to the town reservoirs.
Design & Construct Drill Rig Control System

Scope of works was to work with industry leaders to design a control system to safely manage and control various operations of well control, drilling operation, hydraulic operations and crane operations. Project required sourcing industry assistance for solutions in design of switchboard enclosures for PLC’s & controls, specialized sensors, engineering for integration of truck communication protocols to 3rd party equipment for operation of PTO for hydraulic operations and hazardous area equipment specific to operations. Attending stakeholder meetings, design reviews with engineering parties, HAZOPs, FAT, SAT and resolving design issues as the arise with stakeholders.
Scheduling works around mechanical build and working to time frames to meet customer expectations was critical due to several parties being involved for the manufacture and completion of the build.

Responsibilities included:

  • Hazardous Area Design and Classification – Electrical
  • Design of power & control systems for Hazardous Areas
  • Design of Instrumentation circuits for Hazardous Areas
  • Control Panel Design and layout
  • Reviews of Safety Systems & HAZOPs
  • Equipment selection and purchasing
  • Documentation Assembly – Hazardous Areas Documentation
  • Electrical Schematics – Drafting & Review
  • Auditing of Hazardous Areas Works & General Works
  • Project Management – Budgeting, Purchasing, Scheduling and Client Management
  • FAT, diagnostics and fault finding
  • Site Commissioning SAT
Electrical Component for Water Treatment Plant Projects
  • Chemicals Dosing, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Pumping Stations.
  • Control system design for pumps, instrumentation, level control, process control and remote monitoring.
  • Programming PLC (Allen Bradley & Schneider) /HMI .
  • Instrumentation – Pressure, Level, Flow, Analytical (Conductivity, Free Chlorine, pH, ORP, Turbidity, Ultraviolet) and low pressure/ high pressure pipework.
  • Switchboard design and construction.
  • Electrical Installation.

Industrial Electrical and Water Treatment Solutions